How to create a cosy Autumn nest

How to create a cosy Autumn nest

If, like us, you still want to enjoy your outdoor space even though our short English summer is over, then you’re in exactly the right place! Stay warm and comfy outside in a magical and inviting Autumn nest with soft blankets and a gorgeous patio wood burner to make the most of your Indian paving even as the weather gets colder, and don’t forget the fairy lights!

Step 1: Pick your patio shelter

Weather is a real deal-breaker when it comes comfortably enjoying the outdoors in our lovely country. In other words, it’s probably going to rain. Luckily, there are all sorts of options to shelter from the elements: from gazebos and tarpaulins held up at your patio edge to permanent wooden structures and clear canopies, just make sure whatever you choose is waterproof!

Step 2: Arrange your furniture

No need to pack away that new garden set you bought for Summer; collect it all under your shelter or just grab all your cushions and arrange them around a table for extra cosiness. The closer everything is together, the warmer you’ll be.

Step 3: Add a heat source

For a truly authentic Autumn experience in your garden, purchase a wood burner for your patio. There’s nothing like sitting around a fire in the evening and the smell of burning wood will remind you that bonfire night is just around the corner. If this is out of your price range however or if you just don’t plan on getting one, blankets will absolutely suffice or even grab yourself an electric heater that you can run outside.

Step 4: Blankets, blankets, blankets

Whether or not you have a heater outside, blankets are what will make your Autumn nest the cosiest place on Earth. Bring them all! The fluffier the better. Wrap yourself up in your favourite one and curl up on a chair or even the floor on your comfiest cushions and you’ll feel like you’re camping out in true luxury.

Step 5: Lighting

This is where the magic happens! Fairy lights draped around anything, fences, wooden posts, furniture or even along the sides of your patio will make your nest look so beautiful and inviting you won’t want to go back inside. Lanterns are also a brilliant choice and give a fairytale vibe using either real or imitation candles. Incorporating big candles into your decor is a lovely addition too, just make sure they’re not too close to all the fluffy blankets.

Step 6: A few of your favourite things

Once you’ve put all this together, it’s time to grab a mug of hot chocolate, your favourite snacks and get comfy. Bring a book, a speaker for some music or even some jigsaw puzzles to do with your family. This is a great excuse to finish any creative projects too and a wonderful escape from our modern world of screens. Whatever you love, this is the place for it.

Having Indian Stone paving in your garden allows you to create this sort of fun year round in your garden – especially if you have a permanent wooden pergola – but you can use pretty much anything to create the same effect. As long as you have blankets, lights and pillows your outdoor Autumn nest will be cute, cosy and magical for all the family.

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