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3 ways to make your small garden appear bigger

Want a large garden but lacking the space? We’re here to help. As nice as it would be to have luscious, green lawn, a beautiful blooming flowerbed and sprawling shrubbery to border your garden, sometimes it’s just not feasible. However, there are a few ways to bring a big personality to your little garden space if that’s your aim! Here at Bridge Street Stone, we’ve been providing a fantastic selection of quality Indian Sandstone Paving to our clients since 1991. So, having worked in the garden design industry for over 30 years, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how you can use perspective to make your garden look bigger than it actually is.

Consider some large plants

This sounds like an odd piece of advice but allow us to explain - when decorating a small garden, it’s very common to think that small features like plant pots and little shrubberies are the best option, but believe us when we say that going big and bold with your greenery can do wonders for promoting a larger than life atmosphere in your garden. Smaller features lead to a smaller feel, so by opting for well proportioned plants, and larger paving stones, your garden will feel much broader as a result.

Opt for a zonal layout

A zonal layout is a fantastic way of making your garden appear more spacious. Once you’ve decided on the kinds of features you want to include in your garden, you can start to plan out your garden zones. Maybe think about a vegetable patch, or a water feature, just something distinctive that can be easily separated from the rest of the garden. It doesn’t really matter what you do, just as long as you remember to create intriguing elements within your garden that can be separated out by tall plants, patio slabs or any other kind of border.

Play with the perspective

Playing with the perspective of your garden is a really simple and cost effective method of tricking your eye into believing your garden is bigger than it actually is. To do this, try to avoid long, narrow paths, as you want to widen the look of your space, not narrow it (this is similar to the effect that stripes have on shirts. Vertical stripes make you appear taller, whereas horizontal stripes give you a wider appearance). A narrow border with lots of overflowing plants of varying heights will also help to draw the eye across your garden space rather than just straight to the end of it, which further increases this widening affect.

That’s our list! If you find yourself craving a more spacious feel in your small garden setting, these tips will help help you introduce a larger than life feel to your little outdoor space in no time.

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