Tiled Limestone Paving

5 garden jobs to get done early in 2024

Despite the chilly weather, now is a great time to start working on your garden and preparing for the upcoming year. For those passionate about gardening and wanting to have beautiful blooms and perfectly laid Indian sandstone paving, January is the perfect time to get started. Here are five tasks you can start working on right away that'll make...
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Man cleaning paved patio

3 ways to protect your outdoor space this winter

Even though we’re now well into December, winter is just unfolding its wintry magic! As the season settles in, those gentle breezes turn into brisk chills, and rain showers start pouring down heavier and more frequently. These shifts bring a new set of challenges for your Indian sandstone paving. With the changing weather patterns, it's essentia...
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clearing snow on paving

How to safely clear snow and ice from Indian sandstone paving

Winter's arrival can bring about harsh weather conditions, making it challenging to maintain your outdoor patio. Snow and ice can accumulate on the surface, creating a potential hazard for anyone who happens to be out of the garden.  With the right approach, you can clear these wintry conditions without causing any damage to your Indian sandston...
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garden decoration

Creative DIY projects and decor ideas for winter

Embracing the winter season offers a unique chance to create a garden that's as inviting and enjoyable as it is during spring and summer. Here at Bridge Street Stone, we're committed to helping you maximise your garden experience so you can enjoy the beauty of every season. With its unique charm, winter is just as captivating as summer, making s...
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