How to bring some warmth to your outdoor paving

How to bring some warmth to your outdoor paving

If you’re based here in the UK like us, you won’t need telling that this country is somewhat notorious for its… shall we say, temperate climate. (Depending on what time of year it is, you probably only need look out a window to see what we’re talking about!) Now, that’s no problem for our Indian paving stones, which are more than capable of lasting for years with minimal maintenance in the British climate. But if you’re trying to enjoy some quality time out on your paving, it’s always lovely to enjoy it in a little warmth, isn’t it?

If that sounds like it might strike a chord with you, you might be interested in our top suggestions!

A burning passion for fire pits

Without question one of the most popular outdoor heating features, and really it’s not surprising why. Fire pits are cost-effective and simple additions to your garden, and as an extra bonus they can be portable too. They’re traditionally designed to be kept low to the ground, but today there’s a huge range of options on the market, spanning a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so it won’t be too tricky to find one that suits the layout and mood of your space.

Wood burning fire pits are traditionally the most attractive option for many homeowners, but admittedly they’re not the most environmentally friendly, so you might want to consider alternatives fuelled by gas or propane.


Choose a chiminea

Chiminea might not be a word that always rolls smoothly off the tongue, but the actual concept behind them is surprisingly simple. They’re basically fully functional outdoor fire features made from pots of clay or metal, supported by several straight legs. They’ve been around now for hundreds of years, which means the designs have had plenty of time to evolve - they’re most often found in quite traditional designs, making them a favourite for rural and country gardens, but there are plenty of contemporary versions on the market too. (They’re also quite easy to move, which can be useful for when you want to revamp your space - if you’re going to do that though, just make sure it’s well before you light them!)

Perhaps you’re partial to patio lamps or heaters

Fire lamps and chimineas can be beautiful features if you’ve got your heart set on them, but there’s no denying that they require a little bit of investment right off the bat. If you’re on a budget however, patio lamps and heaters can be an equally practical option that’s even easier to implement than the others, while perhaps going a little easier on your wallet.

Many patio heaters are notable for their height - since they’re quite tall, it means they don’t take up too much space, and they’re fuelled by propane too. Helpfully, an average patio heater can easily warm up an area spanning between 15 to 25 square feet. That makes it worth its weight in gold for when you’re entertaining friends or family out on your decking or Indian paving stones, so you can all drink, dine or relax in perfect comfort.

Those are just a few of our top suggestions - you might have one or two ideas of your own. Ultimately, it’s your space, which means it’s your decision!

If you need any more specific advice, or you’ve got any questions, our team is only too happy to help. In addition to our 30 years of expertise, we also offer a varied range of Indian sandstone to choose from here at Bridge Street Stone, so you’ve got no shortage of choice in terms of achieving your vision. All are sourced directly from India, and we’re able to offer free delivery to most areas. To make an order, feel free to give us a call today on 01282 860571.