stone paving autumn vibes

How to add a splash of autumn vibrancy to your garden

Autumn is an important season for your garden. By doing a little work in the autumn, you can reap massive benefits come spring if you enjoy having a garden full of flowering plants and vegetables to complement your Indian sandstone paving

UK winters are often harsh, making the ground cold and hard, which is not ideal for planting as it can stunt your plants before theyve even had a chance to grow. Autumn, however, is perfect; its slightly cooler, but the soil is still warm, giving your new plants plenty of time to establish their roots before the frost sets in. But apart from being the ideal planting time, autumn is a season of colours and beauty and should be enjoyed before it gets too cold. So here are our top tips for adding a splash of autumn vibrancy to your garden. 

Introduce some autumn plants and shrubs

Many of your spring and summer plants are probably on their way out by now, but that doesn't mean your garden can't still be beautiful and full of life! Plenty of plants thrive in the crisp autumn weather; even better, many embody the cosy colourings synonymous with all things autumn, like deep, fiery reds, rusty oranges and rich purples. So, if you're looking for the perfect new garden additions to welcome in autumn, we recommend:

  • Japanese Maples - Also known as Acres, these fiery plants will bring vibrancy to any autumnal garden with their strikingly vivid red/orange and purple leaves. 
  • Red-Stemmed Dogwood - Perfect all year round, this scarlet hedge shrub is covered in beautiful white flowers in spring but changes to a rich red in autumn and winter. 
  • Beardtongues - A favourite of the Victorians, Beardtongues or Penstemons look their best from later summer into autumn. Theyre the perfect addition to any autumn garden, coming in bright reds, purples and pinks. 

Enhance your garden with cosy lighting

Now you've got your beautiful autumn plants in situ, it's time to enhance everything with some lighting. Summer is about brightness and basking in the sun, whereas autumn is slightly more subdued. Think cosy, accent lighting that casts a glow for the perfect chilled-out atmosphere. The perfect lights for the jobs are, of course, fairy lights and string lights. They look beautiful wrapped around a tree, on a pergola, or even strung up along the fence. You can find solar-powered ones at most DIY and home stores. Finish off the look and cast an even more scenic glow with lanterns. They're the perfect autumnal garden accessory for the table or hanging from tree branches.

Add a fire pit into the mix

Nothing says autumn quite like a roaring fire, and what better way to stay warm and cosy on a chilly autumn evening than sitting by the fire pit. Having a fire pit helps you get the most out of your space because youre no longer relying on the weather and mild nights to facilitate an evening in the garden. Not only are they a stunning feature, whether lit or not, but theyll help tie the cosy atmosphere of your plants and lighting together. Fire pits are fun for the family, from a relaxing evening to roasting marshmallows or an autumnal gathering!

Tie it all together with some Indian sandstone paving

What better way to tie everything together than by incorporating Indian sandstone paving into your design? We have plenty of warm-toned paving slabs thatll add a touch of autumnal elegance and sophistication to your space and provide a perfect backdrop for your plants and fire pit. Shades such as Golden LeafGolden Leaf Sawn and Autumn Brown would all be absolutely perfect for all seasons, but autumn especially! Our Indian sandstone paving will seamlessly blend into your garden and provide a beautiful and durable foundation for your outdoor space so you can enjoy your time in the garden, whatever the season.

So, if you want to enhance your outdoor space's beauty and functionality, look no further than our wide selection of Indian sandstone paving. At Bridge Street Stone, we've got over 20 years of experience supplying and providing Indian sandstone paving to our customers, so you can rest assured you're only getting the very best stones imported directly from tried and tested sources in India.

We supply a mixture of riven sandstone and sawn sandstone in a vast selection of shades and colours, including Kota BlackKandla GreyRaj Tumble and Golden Leaf. If you're looking to give your garden the perfect autumnal upgrade, contact our experts today by calling us on 01282 860571 - and we'll be happy to help!