Creative inspiration for your garden path in 2021

Creative inspiration for your garden path in 2021

Just like many elements in your garden’s design, your garden path generally serves both practical and decorative purposes. It can make it easier to get around your outdoor space while preserving its natural beauty as much as possible, so you don’t have to step over (or onto) lawns, flowerbeds or other delicate areas if you’d prefer not to.

It’s far more than just a practical measure, though. With some care and consideration at the design phase, your garden path can easily become quite an attractive feature in its own right. We can help with that here at Bridge Street Stone. Not only have we got a variety beautiful, hardwearing Indian paving stones to choose from, but a little creative inspiration to get you started, too! So, here’s where you might want to start…

Choosing between a straight or curved garden path

If you’re thinking of a relatively traditional garden path, one of the first decisions you might decide to make could be whether you’d like a straight garden path, or a curved design. Each one has their own distinct appeal.

A curved garden path is a particularly popular option for larger spaces, as it’s got the enviable ability to give the area a calm, tranquil feel, leading you on a gentle journey around the outskirts of your garden. You can enhance that feeling with organic circular shapes or zones along its circumference, or have it branch off into smaller sweeping curves, creating a smooth and refined atmosphere for your space. It doesn’t have to be a particularly large garden, either - curved garden paths are also ideal for smaller spaces, as they can make an area seem larger than it really is.

indian stone curved path

Straight lines can be used to slightly different but equally stunning effect, especially if you’ve already mapped out ‘zones’ for your space. A straight garden path is brilliant you to define their boundaries, adding more structure and focus to your garden. And if it leads off to any hidden corners, or areas normally hidden behind a hedge, fence or trellis, then it becomes a fantastic means of encouraging a sense of discovery, layering extra intrigue and mystery onto your space.

Now, that may or may not be an option for you, depending on the size and nature of your space. But whatever size of garden you’ve got to work with, you can always count on a straight garden path to enhance your space with clean, straight lines - perfect if you want a contemporary or sophisticated feel.

Whichever you choose, curved or straight, don’t forget that you can always add some extra depth and texture to your space with raised beds, steps, or decking areas - all perfect for providing a sense of verticality!

Size up stepping stone paths

Of course, your options aren’t strictly limited to straight or curved garden paths - if you’re struggling to make a decision between the two, you can always choose neither, in favour of a stepping stone path instead. It’s an amazing way to enhance that sense of discovery we’ve just discussed above, and hopping from one to the next can be a fun way to get around - especially for children, if you’ve got any young people in the house! (Plus, you might even find they’re an economical choice too, allowing you to do more with fewer Indian paving stones.)

Depending on how big your outdoor space is, you can get even more creative by intersecting multiple garden pathways, experimenting with colour and pattern; say, for example, by having intersecting a path made from Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone, and Golden Leaf Indian sandstone. It’s all up to you!

These are just a few ideas to get you started - you may well find them useful for refining your decisions on what sort of style and feel you want for your space. Whatever you decide though, you can always count on us right here at Bridge Street Stone to have a fantastic range of Indian sandstone to choose from, so you’ve got no shortage of choice in terms of achieving your vision. All are sourced directly from India, and we’re able to offer free delivery to most areas. To make an order, feel free to give us a call today on 01282 860571.