Indian Sandstone Paving

Creating stunning landscapes with Indian sandstone paving

When renovating any outdoor landscape, it’s important you create the perfect balance of form and function. You want a space that’s beautiful to look at but also one that’s pleasant to use, which - as any avid landscaper will tell you - can be easier said than done! Luckily, we’ve got a trick up our sleeves to make it easier.

When creating stunning landscapes, blend the best of both worlds by using Indian sandstone paving.

What is Indian Sandstone Paving?

As the name suggests, Indian sandstone paving is made using stone found naturally in India. In a country renowned for its beautiful veined stones, it’s no surprise that this paving has made a name for itself as being some of the most exquisite on the market. Suiting both contemporary and traditional styles, you can use it to transform an outdoor space and bring life back to tired landscapes.

At Bridge Street Stone, we supply Indian sandstone in a wide range of colours, including Raj Green, Kandla Grey, Autumn Brown, and Gold Leaf.

Blend Form and Function With Indian Sandstone Paving

Indian sandstone perfectly encapsulates form and function, making it easier to create stunning landscapes. Aside from the beautiful natural veins that run through the stone, it’s incredibly durable and long-lasting, creating a sturdy surface for your outdoor area. The vivid shades of sandstone are entirely natural, and when properly looked after and sealed, they look smart year after year.

Indian sandstone can be used for a variety of purposes, including for al fresco dining spots, patios, pathways to different areas of the landscape, and as borders to highlight certain zones, like your flowerbeds.

Top Garden Paving Ideas

Incorporating Indian sandstone into your landscape is a fabulous way to make different areas more accessible and provide plenty of usability. When laying your stones, here are some of the most stunning garden paving ideas that’ll transform your landscape:

Vary Stone Sizes

Contemporary garden design is all about playing around with your forms. When designing your paved areas, why not use different sizes of paving stones? Create a pattern that alternates between wider and narrower shapes, repeating it for a modern, dynamic look.

Play Around With Different Colours

The strong, vibrant colours of Indian sandstone are too beautiful a design feature not to use! In your paving, incorporate different shades to bring life to your landscape. A pathway, for example, might be made up of Raj Green and Autumn Leaf stones adding a colourful, charming pop of colour to your outdoor space.

Create Paving Mosaics

Because of the different colours Indian sandstone is available in, you can create entire mosaics using only this natural stone. Bring art to your landscaping with bold designs that complement the natural features in your area.

Use Contrasting mortar

When filling in the gaps between your sandstone paving, the go-to option is to choose a colour that matches your stone. But, in a landscape that’s in need of something new, you can help your paving become a beautiful feature by opting for a contrasting (but complimentary) mortar instead.

At Bridge Street Stone, we supply premium Indian sandstone paving  in a vast selection of shades and colours including Kota Black, Kandla Grey, Raj Tumble and Golden Leaf. for landscaping projects around the country - and have been doing so since 1991!

So, if you need help selecting the right stones for your space, we’re the team who can help. Tell us more about your landscaping project by giving us a call at 01282 860571 or sending us an email at When it comes to your paving, we’re always happy to lend a hand.