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4 different ways to create a stunning garden path

A beautiful garden path can take many forms, all helping it to serve a greater purpose than simply providing a way for you to get from A to B. Your garden path can guide the eyes of onlookers to the best aspects of your garden, from a summer house to a beautiful flower bed. Garden paths create a sense of cohesion between your indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as providing safe and easy access to all your favourite areas. 

Here at Bridge Street Stone, we know just how much a garden path can elevate the look and feel of your outside space, so weve pulled together a list of our favourite ways to create a stunning garden path. 

Inspire intrigue with marvellous mosaics 

Laying stone flooring doesn’t always have to follow a traditional pattern. If you fancy something unique for your path that you can really personalise, why not consider laying in a mosaic style? By mixing different styles, shades and sizes of stones, you can create something that really has a wow factor. A combination of our brown, grey and black Indian sandstone setts can really add depth to your path, you could even throw in a few larger stones for some extra dimension. You can mix and match colours and styles for something truly creative and curated. It may take slightly longer, but the results will speak for themselves!

2. Consider a gorgeous gravel path

If you’re looking for texture, definition and beautiful results in record time, then a gorgeous gravel path could be a great option for you. Rustic, rural and contemporary, gravel paths are a keen favourite over in Japan, and they’re widely used in zen gardens. We can’t fault that choice either; there’s just something soothing about the sound of crunching stone chips beneath your feet!

This easy-to-maintain path uses different sizes of various stone chippings to create a walkway that’s big on charm and low on maintenance. They don’t always have to be beige or grey either - for a splash of colour, try our Staffordshire Pink 20mm stone chips. This natural quartzite gravel contains both rounded and angular stones for greater visual interest and depth.

3. Lay a stunning stepping stone path

There’s something whimsical about a stepping stone path. These beautiful stone trails feel like they’ve been plucked straight out of a picturesque storybook, making them perfect for a cottage or a country style garden. While they certainly look the part, they also provide an excellent way to protect your garden from getting trampled. Stepping stones can be laid in a variety of different ways too, such as on grass, on smaller stone chips, on dirt — they’re very versatile.

They require less material to create a path than just about any other method, making them a cost-effective and relatively simple project for DIY enthusiasts! Indian sandstone paving slabs make for great stepping stones, and give you a variety of choices when it comes to budget and availability. And even better, we have an extensive range available right here at Bridge Street Stone.

4. Create contrast with dark stones and bright foliage

Do you prefer a more sophisticated look? If you’re looking for a way to add sleek chicness to your garden space, black paving is the way to go. Black paving is incredibly stylish, and also a classic and undoubtedly timeless look. Our Kota Black Indian sandstone brings elegance to any garden path, and is the perfect match for a contemporary-style environment. Plus, you can edge your pathway with bright flowers and vibrant plants for a striking contrast that will leave your visitors in awe of its bold beauty at your next garden party.

Aesthetics isn’t the only thing that black stone has to offer though – black stone is also brilliant at hiding scuffs, scratches and disguising imperfections. It’s also surprisingly low maintenance. It’s better at hiding dirt than other lighter stone colours, which is ideal if you’re planning to keep flower beds nearby or if you have any mucky-pawed pets.

Here at Bridge Street Stone, we supply the UK’s very best sandstone paving. With these ideas your garden path will become a stunning feature in its own right, and if you’re interested in any of our stunning Indian sandstone paving stones, you can browse all of our recommendations right here on our site!