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Garden activities for kids in winter

Even in the cold winter months, your garden is a vital resource for children. It’s a place where they can be inspired, have fun and learn all about the world around them. If you’ve created zones in your garden, you’ll find that the different sections are perfect for various winter activities. After all, if you’ve laid Indian paving, there’s no need to worry about mud and mess coming into your home. Need inspiration about the garden activities you can try with your kids this winter? Here are a few handy tips.

Grow winter-friendly plants

A number of vegetables flourish in the harsh winter weather. Although they may need some protection from frost, don’t forget that chard, cabbage, parsnips and kale can all grow throughout winter. It can be a fun family activity to plant the bulbs and watch as they thrive.

Alternatively, if you’d like to teach them how to plant flowering seeds, then try candytuft. Similarly, if your child is particularly small, then they will likely enjoy planting larger seeds, such as sunflowers. When the seeds are sown in winter, the plant is much hardier in spring and summer.

Make ice sculptures

When the temperature drops to freezing, you and your children can create ice art for your garden. Thankfully, making magical ice art that glistens and sparkles in the sunshine is simple. Just place natural objects like leaves, twigs and pine needles in a disposable cup or shallow dish and fill the container with water. Then, add a piece of string before freezing the contents. Once frozen, you can remove the ice from the container and hang it outside in your chosen spot. The visual effect it creates is truly stunning.

Put up a bird box

winter bird box

The British Trust for Ornithology believes that there are now around 6 million bird boxes in UK gardens. If you’re looking to add one of your own, then January/February is the perfect time to do just that. This is because if you add your bird box during winter, you’re most likely to see chicks in spring.

If you already have a bird box installed at your home, then your children can help you clear it out and make sure it’s well maintained.

Collect leaves and start composting

Now the leaves have finished falling off the tress, it’s a great time to teach your children how to compost. So, wrap up warm, pop some gloves on and get them out in the garden collecting the fallen leaves.

If possible, get your child to use a small rake to collect the leaves. This is because this will help improve their gross motor skills and their upper body strength. Once they’ve been raked, ask them to collect the leaves so they can be used as ‘brown’ waste in compost. If you like, they can even help you stir the compost and you can explain why the composting process is so important for the environment.

By taking part in these activities, you can ensure your garden is a place where you and your kids can play and relax all-year-round. If you’re thinking of making your garden even more multi-functional in the New Year, then consider paving an area with Indian sandstone. Here at Bridge Street Stone, we have plenty of options to choose from, including Autumn Brown, Kota Black and Golden Leaf. To make an order, give us a call today on 01282 860571, and we’ll be more than happy to help!