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5 garden jobs to get done early in 2024

Despite the chilly weather, now is a great time to start working on your garden and preparing for the upcoming year. For those passionate about gardening and wanting to have beautiful blooms and perfectly laid Indian sandstone paving, January is the perfect time to get started. Here are five tasks you can start working on right away that'll make your garden look stunning by spring. 

Pruning for perfection

January is an excellent time to prune trees, shrubs, and hedges, as it provides a perfect opportunity to get rid of dead or damaged branches, which can hinder the plant's growth. This timely pruning also enables precise shaping of the plants and encourages healthy and full-bodied growth as spring approaches. So, it's a good idea to take advantage of this ideal window for pruning to ensure your plants are healthy and well-maintained!

Prep your soil 

As any experienced gardener knows, great soil equals great blooms. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space with plants and greenery, you need to spend some time tending to your planting soil, especially after a harsh winter. And if you're wondering when the best time to do this is, January is ideal for adding compost, manure, and other organic matter to your soil!

Incorporating these materials into your soil can help improve its quality, drainage, and overall health. This, in turn, will provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive and grow, resulting in a beautiful and bountiful garden come springtime. So, if you want to get a head start on your gardening this year, focus on preparing your soil first!

Bulbs for blooms 

If you're someone who likes to have flowers all year round, January is a great time to start planting spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. Planting early in the year ensures they have enough time to establish themselves before the growing season begins. Plus, it'll bring some much-missed colour back into your garden come March, which is not too far away! 

Time to clean

During winter, even the most passionate gardeners retreat indoors - and we don’t blame you! With the recent UK weather, we’d be surprised if everyone’s garden didn’t need some attention, but that's nothing a quick clean and tidy won't fix up! 

Start by clearing away any leaves, debris, and dead plants lingering on from the last few months; this will help prevent pests and diseases from spreading to your budding crops and allow you to see what needs to be done for the upcoming season. 

Check in with your paving stones

After removing any debris, you can now take a look at your Indian sandstone paving. If your stones have been exposed to harsh weather conditions over the last few months, they may need some maintenance to keep them in good condition. 

A gentle scrub or sweep can also work wonders for breathing new life into your stones. However, as you do this, keep an eye out for any emerging cracks and promptly fill (point) them to prevent further damage. If you notice significant cracks, it is time to say goodbye and replace that stone. 

If you don’t currently have Indian sandstone paving down in your garden and you’re considering a new look for 2024, you’re in the right place! At Bridge Street Stone we have a stunning selection of paving with a shade to suitable styles like Kota BlackKandla GreyAutumn Brown and Golden Leaf!

If you need help finding your perfect paving fit, our team is always on hand! You can easily get in touch with us by giving us a call at 01282 860571 or sending an email to salesoffice@stonepaving.co.uk and we’ll be happy to assist you!