3 spooky garden activities you can do this Halloween

3 spooky garden activities you can do this Halloween

As the UK’s best Indian sandstone suppliers, we’re always coming up with fun ways for our customers to enjoy their garden space and exquisite Indian paving, regardless of the time of year. Halloween presents a unique opportunity for families to enjoy some quality time together, so here are our suggestions for a few activities that you can do in your garden to ensure you have a frightfully good time this Halloween.

Ghoulish garden decorations

We’ll start with the introduction of some Halloween aesthetics. It’s time to dress the garden in all things spooky - break out the Halloween themed lights, which can be purchased in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, bats and so on, and cover the garden in toy creepy crawlies of all kinds. All things unsettling, spooky and spectacular are welcome at this time of year!

Decorations can be bought affordably from pretty much any supermarket these days. If you’re more creatively inclined though, why not make your own? Consider creating some home-made cobwebs using stretched-out cottonwool balls and hairspray, or some paper bat banners. The possibilities really are endless!

Pumpkin carving contest

Get the whole family involved with this Halloween staple. Pumpkin carving is by far the one activity that’s most commonly associated with Halloween, and it’s the perfect garden activity. It’s messy, and lots of fun, and if you’re a keen gardener, any waste can be put towards a compost bin once the carving has come to a conclusion.

You don’t need much to get going with this activity either! You’ll just need some newspaper, a small knife and something to scoop out the insides (and of course, pumpkins). If you’ve got young children, be sure to supervise them. If you’d like, you can even make it competitive by offering up a prize for the most creative design!

Spooky scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a good bet if you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity, regardless of the time of year. They’re ideal for Halloween, because you can make them spookier by doing them at night and hiding scary surprises around the garden. Start by creating a checklist of items for your participants to go and find, and combine natural elements like pinecones, plants, with some extra items like toy spiders and snakes to bring the Halloween spirit.

If you want to add a little extra fright to the night, hanging a ghost in your shed is a particularly good way to end the hunt on a high (and dissuade your children from going near the shed if it’s being used to house dangerous tools).

Those are our top picks for the outdoor activities that will help you to bring the Halloween spirit to your home this year. If you’re looking to partner this festive fun with the introduction of some brand new Indian sandstone paving slabs though, you’re in exactly the right place.

Here at Bridge Street Stone, we supply the highest quality sandstone paving in the whole of the UK. Our Indian sandstone is imported straight from ethically operated quarries in India, so if you’re looking to give your patio the perfect upgrade this spring, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01282 860571 - our in-house experts are always happy to help!