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Stone Benches

Why have a stone bench in your garden?

A stone bench is far more than just another place to sit. A carefully positioned stone bench is perfect for giving you a new perspective on your space, allowing you to experience it in a wholly different way - whether you’re basking in a section of warm sunlight, nestled snugly in an alcove surrounded by trees and shrubbery, or enjoying the companionship of friends or family as you both sit on the bench together.

Stone benches also provide a new level of aesthetic charm to your space, and they can be an equally fitting choice for traditional and contemporary surroundings alike. Some are available in several different shades, so that you can match them to the mood you want for a particular space - even colour co-ordinating them with surrounding plants and flowers.

Best of all, their attractive designs are highly durable, and won’t be tarnished by any rain, snow, or extreme heat that they might encounter throughout the changing seasons. In fact, stone benches will become steadily warmer throughout the sunnier days of the year, so by the time you come to rest in the evening, you’ll have a nicely heated seat.

A humble stone bench may seem like a relatively small element of your garden, but that’s rather the point - sometimes it’s the smallest touches which can end up completely transforming your space.

Ideas for a stone bench

A stone bench opens up a number of intriguing design possibilities for your garden. Here are just a few of our favourites.

A quiet reading corner

You can dedicate a small section of your garden to make it an oasis of peace and serenity. A garden bench can be a perfect centrepiece for this, giving you a space to sit down and enjoy some time alone, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You can bring a book, a notepad, or a camera - whatever calms you and makes you happy. You could even take nothing at all, and just sit in quiet reflection.

Garden seating as a focal point

Depending on the style of bench you choose, you could even position it as a design feature in and of itself. Above, we briefly discussed the possibility of choosing between different styles; here’s where you can start to play around with that aspect, picking the style of your bench to suit its surroundings.

If you’ve got a neat water feature and a patio area of sawn Indian sandstone for example, you might like a simpler or more contemporary garden bench. Or if you’re in a more rural area, and your garden features are more traditional in nature, you could opt for a slightly more ornate garden bench so that it fits seamlessly into your overall style.

A thriving social space

If you’ve already got patio seating, you could choose your stone bench to form a part of your overall social space, positioning it close enough to the other seats so that it can be used as casual seating for larger gatherings. That can enable you to more comfortably entertain greater numbers of people at once.

Now, you might find it a bit slightly trickier to position your bench close enough to your patio table so that everyone can potentially partake in the same conversation, but that’s not to say it can’t be done. Like so many of our suggestions, when it comes right down to it, it’s all up to you!