Old Manor

Bridge Street Stone

  • £620.59

Old Manor

This attractive stone features tones of buff through to grey with a hint of red tones. It’s worn edges and surface, give a stunning impression that blends naturally with both modern and ancient surroundings.

Old Manor is supplied in a 4 Flag Random Mix Pattern consisting of:

845mm x 560mm - 18 number
560mm x 560mm - 17 number
275mm x 560mm - 18 number
275mm x 275mm - 20 number

Sold in packs of 18.84m² Coverage, using 560mm Series 22mm Thickness.

Extra Modules can be purchased at 1.06m², containing one of each flag size, allowing you to make up your square meterage and keep to the four flag pattern.

Please note this product is made to order, therefore you should allow 2-3 days for processing with every pack ordered.


Here at Bridge Street Stone we recommend that all Flagstones purchased from us are laid on a full bed of mortar, bedding each slab individually to account for variation in thickness. This method is most commonly used when laying Natural Stone due to the thickness variation, which relies on each flag having a bed prepared for it individually. Once the bed is prepared, the flag is laid and then the next bed prepared and so on. To determine the correct way up, you will notice that each given flag edge tapers inwards. It is the larger surface area to be seen therefore the smaller surface area (tapered in) is the underneath. To finish, we recommend using ‘JOINT IT’ . This particular product is used for jointing paving slabs, cobbles & Natural Stone by simply brushing in. Once your Paving/Driveway area is complete to finish off we also recommend sealing the area with Hg Impregnator which is a Basic treatment for natural stone against penetration of dirt and grease stains.

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